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Child Specialists

We congregate world-class Pediatric specialists in our hospital who provide special care to children right from their birth until their adolescence. Offering a very child-friendly environment in our Pediatric Department, we ensure a personalized, soft and all-encompassing approach in treating our child-patients, as we understand the deep and sensitive care that’s required for children. We also diagnose, investigate and advise therapies for various childhood illnesses along with providing expert advice to children with sensory impairments.

We are committed to the social health of children and also provide assistance at home, family centers and schools. We are devoted to improve a child’s social, cognitive and emotional growth during a hospital stay, giving special attention to each child’s culture and family background. Our highly professional team is specially trained to deal with children with special education, child life, child development, or recreational therapy.

The pediatricians are always available to assist the families with questions that may arise about a child’s adjustment and behavior at home or school after they have been in the hospital. The experts at Sehat provide an individualized support before and after all the medical procedures. The pediatricians also help the child-patients to develop the ways to deal with anxiety, fear, and adjustment to the hospital experience.