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About Us

Sehat Hospital is a leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider in India. We offer various services like Adolescent Counseling, Dentist, Child Specialist, Orthopaedic and Physiotherapy. Our faculty, staff, physicians and experts are dedicated to improve the lives of the people and their families. Our hospital is embedded with the latest and modern technology to fulfill the requirements of the patients as per their need. We focus on improving the living standard of the patients. We have a team of supporting staff and devoted doctors who are always ready to serve the patients and bring them back to their normal conditions as soon as possible. A team of well trained professional utilizes their years of experience and knowledge, to treat children as well as elders with their best experience. The professionals are caring and compassionate with complete dedication to improve the lives of people. We provide the highest quality compassionate, specialized and effective clinical care to our patients.
No matter which service you demand, all our staff – surgeons, consultants and nurses, cleaning and catering staff – are dedicated to make sure that you receive clinical excellence with a perfect personal touch. We provide the best working environment in order to deliver the highest standards of healthcare to our patients. Our healthcare specialists enjoy working with us and are proud to assist you and your children with their expertise.